A filastrocca, or nursery-rhyme, learned and recited by Italian children is “I dodici Fratelli”. It is about the months of the year and how they are perceived as regards their weather, appeal, or offerings.
Below is the Italian version, followed by my un-poetic translation.

I dodici fratelli

Nel gennaio, freddo e gelo
A febbraio di nebbia il velo
Marzo pazzo, agitatore
Dolce è April col suo tepore
Maggio, sbocciano le rose
Giugno, messi rigogliose
Luglio invita al glauco mare
Arde Agosto e fa sudare
Nel Settembre, che poesia
Vino a Ottobre ed allegria
Vien Novembre, umido e tetro
Poi Dicembre, a tutti dietro
Ecco i dodici fratelli
Metà brutti e metà belli

The Twelve Brothers

January, icy and cold
February, veiled in fog
March, always troublemaking
April sweet with warmth aplenty
May, the month of blossomed roses
June, hearty harvests it proposes
July invites the great blue seas
August burns and makes us wheeze
In September, poetry is here
While October is wine and cheer
Come November, gloomy and wet
Then December straggles last
Here they are, the brothers numbered
Six are pleasant and six are somber

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