Lo Stivale in Linea
Il Bollettino d'Attualità di Fior d'Italia
Volume II Numero 1
Gennaio 2006

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  • Prima Riunione Dell'Anno
  • Nel 2006 - Proggetti
  • Sandra presenta
  • Calendario d'Eventi
  • Membri Fotogenici
  • L'Angolo Umoristico

La Festa

Abbiamo incominciato l'anno con una riunione in un locale publico: Meadow Park.

Tutto e' andato bene ma, dato che bisogna seguire le regole del locale, ci e' mancato il lubrificante sociale che rende la festa piu' piacevole. Oltre alla mancanza del vino, eravamo limitati a tre ore di durata, un po' breve.

Abbiamo conosciuto un ospite parmigiano, Ernesto Fantoni , presidente di una ditta Italiana. Ernesto visita gli Stati Uniti diverse volte all'anno per ragioni d'affari, cioè marketing di semi d'ortaggi. Abbiamo anche accolto due membri nuovi: Stanley and Lucia Hamrick di Pismo Beach, benvenuti.

Il cibo, come sempre, era ottimo. Due polente e melanzane alla parmigiana erano parte delle diverse pietanze contribute dai membri. C'erano perfino i cioccolatini per soddisfare i palati dolci.

The agenda

  • We explored the possibility of meeting on a Sunday alternatively so that members not available on Saturday may be able to attend.
  • Once again Mimmo and Betty have volunteered Casa Daniela for the February meeting which will reflect a Valentine's motif.
  • We proposed also to have a Wild Flower Picnic in spring. Let's campaign for an abundant flower season.

The Presentation

The highlight of the evening was Sandra's presentation: “I Nuraghi di Sardegna”.
Sandra Lakeman is an architect and professor emeritus of architecture. She is an accomplished photographer and author. Among her works, the extensive and socially sensitive photographic essay of life in Siena and Piazza del Campo, and the publishing of the book “La Luce Naturale e la Piazza Italiana", pictured here, are worthy of note.

Professor Lakeman can be reached at slakeman@sbcglobal.net

The presentation consisted of slides and lecture of her in-depth exploration of the subject. Over the years she has garnered grants for her research on the Nuraghi and other Italian cultural projects.

Displayed also were Sandra's excellent photographs representing Nuraghi culture at various periods in history. Brava Sandra


Gale McNeeley presented the first act of his play POPE: The Musical at Linnae's Cafe, on January 22. The musical satire will be repeated the 29th at 7:00pm.

The irriverent play, a socio-political parody set to music, systematically, masterfully, and lyrically, manages to make us aware of a few undesirable human traits such as hypocrisy, greed, and lust. In the process of mocking those who indulge in such behavior, the play castigates those who ignore it or condone it. In other words, it manages to offend and delight most.

The cast of two women and two men, accompanied by a pianist is talented and versatile. Their portrayal of a variety of characters is uncanny. Gale in particular projects unbounded energy that holds the audience attention for the full duration (about 45 minutes).

For the socially conscious this play is affirmation. For the unconscious it is a reminder. For those without conscience it is admonition. No matter your level of consciousness, I recommend it to all.


Sandra begins her presentation

All except the one behind the camera

Aldo & Dee Dee, Olga, Betty, Bill, Sandra, and Virginia

New members Stan and Lucia

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