Lo Stivale in Linea
Il Bollettino d'Attualità di Fior d'Italia
Volume II Numero 5
Ottobre 2006

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Riunione Da Bill & Dianne

(See also this gathering's photos in the Galleria)

The October meeting and festa was held at the beautiful home of Bill and Dianne Weatherford. Bill and Dianne built their home overlooking the Morro bay themselves with the help of professionals. The result is a very pleasant environment in a calm and beautiful setting.
As usual, the food contributed to the party by members, complemented the home-made light and dark beers and the barbequed sausages provided by Bill. The dark beer in particular was my favorite as its taste and rich head reminded me of Moretti brews.
Thank you Bill and Dianne for hosting a wonderful reunion and thanks to all who participated.

The Agenda

Some changes to the structure and organization of the Fior d'Italia club were discussed as follows:

  • That holding meetings in private homes is becoming too difficult due to increasing participation.

  • That meetings’ agenda consisting of business and other issues and held in a public venue.

  • That if a membership fee were to be instituted, the account could be used to fund meetings and (occasional) parties in public places as well as other functions such as field trips and cultural events.

  • That parties should be scheduled for special occasions such as Valentines Day, 4th of July, Columbus Day, Halloween, and Christmas/New Year rather than as frequently as every month.

It was decided as follows:

  • That in January 07, at a general meeting, new elections will be held to select new officers. The elections will be for president, vice president, secretary/treasurer, and two or three individuals for the social committee. Members interested in serving in the different posts and committees, should declare their candidacy soon to be placed on the ballot. Submit your candidacy to Giuseppe
  • That at that time, a proposal to institute a modest membership fee will be considered by members and voted upon.

  • That individually, as well as collectively, we should promote the club and recruit members with an interest in things Italian.

  • Please send Giuseppe your opinion, suggestions, ideas etc. so that decisions can be arrived at in a democratic way.

    Other items:
    Mimmo and Betty confirmed that the Christmas party will be held at Casa Daniela, their home in Arroyo Grande, on Dec 2nd. Be sure to plan for the occasion by reserving that date for Natale 06.

The Presentation

Cars of Italy
The cultural item of the reunion consisted of a Powerpoint presentation on the Italian automotive industry presented by Giuseppe, expertly augmented by Mimmo, and enjoyed by all. Mimmo is an avowed car enthusiast (he is rebuilding a Lamborghini Espada). Mimmo also displayed model cars. Giuseppe, on the other hand, just dreams of Alfa Romeo.


  • Francesca will leave for Italy on Thursday
  • Bill and Dianne are leaving for Vietnam on Friday
    Buon Viaggio e buon divertimento a tutti (more info on the "People on the Go" page).
  • Some of the members did not receive the invitation to the party. The reason is that several emails are undeliverable. And that has to do with how their email is configured (to accept mail only from a list of approved senders).

L'angolo Umoristico

The Godfather
Don Corleone asks that his children come to his death bed to hear his last words of wisdom. He tells them how much he loves them and how he wishes them good fortune upon inheriting his empire.
Finally he turns to his eldest son and says: “Bruno, I want you to have my 9mm Beretta.” Bruno is horrified by guns and violence and tries to persuade his father to give him his beautiful Rolex watch instead.
“Listen-a-to me” Says an annoyed Don Corleone, “one of these a-days you gona get a-merried. And, invariably, some a-day you gona come home to finda a-you wife in bed with an other-a man. In that situation, what you gona do, point a-you Rolex and say you time is up-a?”

About this Publication
Lo stivale in Linea is an on-line publication dedicated to keeping Fior d'Italia members informed on club meetings, upcoming activities and events, and items of interest.
Please send suggestions and items you think will be of interest to others to: Giuseppe

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